Self-Service Bays

Available at Ephrata and Reading

Cloister had self-serve bays for the do-it-yourself car washer at our Ephrata and Reading locations. The state-of-the-art bays had the best equipment in self-service car washing. The bays were kept meticulously clean and the equipment was always functioning at 100% efficiency.

Cloister bays were well lit and safe. The wash pressure was the maximum allowed for self-service washing to blast off unwanted mud and dirt. It was only $1 to start the wash, and cash or credit cards were accepted. You could keep the bay running by simply adding a quarter.

Our bays offered the most modern cleaning agents and waxes with radiant colors and pleasing aromas. You could finish off your vehicle with Cloister's proven spot free rinse.

There was a spacious area at each location to dry off and detail your vehicle after washing, and high powered self-serve vacuums were available and always operating properly.

Cloister also offered a large selection of self-service vending machines with towels, cleaners, dressings and air fresheners. New and dependable change machines were also available.