Cloister-Made Products

Cloister developed and marketed a number of products used internally, sold to the car wash industry, and retailed at Cloister locations for use by the vehicle owner.

Cloister Formula Line of Products:

The Cloister Formula Line was used at all Cloister locations and marketed to other car washes through a distribution partnership with Kleen-Rite Corporation in Columbia, PA. Cloister developed these highly-concentrated formulas. Cloister Formula was a coordinated end-to-end line of products that provided tunnel efficiencies and improved worker productivity by reducing prep and drying time. The formulas produced a high-quality wash while decreasing chemical and soap usage in the process - an important part of Cloister's commitment to protecting the environment.

The Cloister Formula Line included:

Body Detergent

Cloister 160 Wrap and Lubrication Soap: for mitters and wraps

Cloister 212 High Concentrate Pre-Soak

Cloister 520 Bug & Tire: Two applications (1) low pressure hand alkaline pre-prep for bugs or (2) alkaline tire and wheel cleaner

Cloister 612 Prep & Body Soap:Two applications: (1) high pressure alkaline prep gun soap, or (2) fast cleaning, foaming, alkaline body soap

Wheel & Tire

Cloister 450 Low pH Wheel Brite: 2nd step of the wheel cleaning process after Cloister 520

Cloister 480 Low pH Wheel Brite: Acid Free

Cloister 1010 Solvent- Based Tire Shine: Brilliant, long-lasting satin shine for online tunnel tire shine machines

Cloister 1020 Water- Based Tire Shine

Drying Agents & Polish

Cloister 700 Rinse Aid: Rinse aid used in last curtains to set surface for drying agent

Cloister 820 Blue Clearcoat Polish with Cloister Fresh: Fast rinsing clearcoat polish with pleasant Cloister Fresh fragrance

Cloister 820 Red Clearcoat Polish: Fast rinsing

Cloister 820 Yellow Clearcoat Polish: Fast rinsing

Cloister 901 Clearcoat & Drying Agent: High-performance silicone clearcoat drying agent with UV Protectant to aid in repelling water off windshields during wet weather driving

Cloister Retail Products:

Over the years customers would inquire about products Cloister used in the wash process. Two of these were window cleaner and air fresheners. They also inquired about the coffee that was served in Customerland, and asked where they could purchase the unique blends that were served while they waited for their vehicles. These inquiries led to Cloister developing a line of private label, Cloister-branded products that were sold at all four Cloister locations.

Cloister Glass Cleaner
Cloister Glass Cleaner:

This thick, ammoniated foam was specially formulated for glass surfaces, windows and mirrors and was excellent for use at home and at work.

View the window cleaner label

Cloister Air Fresheners
Cloister Air Fresheners:

Four different fragrances were available - Black Ice, Fresh Air, New Car, and Vanilla. Each had a different design and color and was made to hang inside the vehicle.

Cloister coffee
Cloister Coffee:

Eight different blends were available and sold exclusively at the York location. Mombasa was a blend of African beans and 3 Amigos featured a blending of beans from Panama, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Aztec blended cinnamon, cocoa, and vanilla nuts. Jamaican Me Crazy featured vanilla, Kahlua, and caramel flavor and came in regular and decaf. Also included was a decaf breakfast blend and two limited edition flavors - Pumpkin Spice and Winter Wonderland.