Cloister was created with a vision of providing customers a feel good experience from the time they drove onto the property and were greeted, to the time they were delivered their finished vehicle. This was evident to customers by the outstanding customer service, quality of service and attention to detail that was provided by the Cloister Team. The immaculately groomed grounds and the welcoming interior design, that changed with the seasons at each facility, were other unique touches that provided the feel good experience Cloister was built upon. This focus and commitment to customer satisfaction is what made customers want to return and share their experience with others.

Testimonials are the highest form of compliment and acknowledgement of customer satisfaction. These unsolicited testimonials demonstrate why Cloister became the trusted car wash of choice in the communities it served, and why it was one of the Industry’s most highly respected operations.

We use Cloister exclusively for all our washing and oil change needs. Lately we have purchased a battery as well as air filters, windshield washers, and fuel filters. We love using Cloister. We like the fast professional service and nice clean waiting room. I am a pharmacist for Royer and have spoken with the Cloister owner in the past about how well trained and helpful the staff is. Next we will try your state inspection. Things seem to just keep getting better at Cloister. Thanks again for the great service!

Fred, Pat & Yale
The Maiers


I just had my car washed and waxed at the York location on Market St. Just wanted you to know they did a great job on the wax. I get it washed there all the time but this is my first wax. Everyone there is so friendly and they do a real good job. Just thought you should know because I don't think they get the credit they deserve!!!

Rosie Seifert


I've been coming to your Reading car wash since it first opened and I just wanted to let you know what a remarkable place it has become over the years. How ingenious. It's always clean, friendly staff, great atmosphere and always something new to see whenever I'm there. I really like the little church room. What a clever idea. I started with just self service car washes, then I just started to utilize all of your services including lube, oil change and car inspections. I recommend your place to everyone, for their cars, motorcycles and pets and they have been taking my advice. Thank you for the time and effort you put in to make a CAR WASH enjoyable. It's the little things in life that amaze me. 

Rosann Van Lear


I just wanted to pass on what excellent service I received at the Reading car wash today. I had the best inside/outside wash with tire shine. I was moved through very quickly. I frequent Cloister often, and I am sure this was the best visit ever. The inside of my mini van was thoroughly vacuumed. The windows were cleaned to perfection. Today was great! The quality inspector who was on today was very personable and made sure every detail was taken care of on the outside. He even took care of some bugs that didn't come off in the wash. I just wanted to pass on that a great group of employees was working at the Cloister in Reading today. Thank you! 

Becky Moncavage


I just want to tell you what a wonderful business you have. My husband, son, and I thoroughly enjoy our trips to your facility. We go there all the time to get our cars washed. We have referred many of our friends to you. They too are hooked on your superb services! We can't say enough nice things about you. The atmosphere is very inviting and your staff is always tremendously friendly. Thank you for a wonderful experience every single time! 

Autumn Lebo


Recently, I had an issue with my car and pulled into your Ephrata Lube Shop for advice. The technicians who were working were extremely helpful and courteous as they effectively diagnosed my problem which was a severe failure of an oil line to the top of the engine in my vehicle. On their advice I left my car in your lot and it was flatbedded to my dealer for repair. This is not the first time I have experienced great customer service from Cloister. Your employees are very courteous and attentive to the customer. In my case, they made me feel a little better about the problem. Thanks again for the great service. 

Keith Biers


I was just at your car wash and was very happy with my visit. The way your staff spoke to me and just walking through the building was so neat. 

Darryl G. Kreitz


I want to say thanks for the exceptional job you do with keeping my cars clean. Even on your busiest days, I know that the cars are done right. 

Gregory A. Witmer


I had the pleasure of having my Porsche washed and hand waxed at your in Reading location. The young man who did the hand waxing did an excellent job and went far beyond what most people do in a car wash especially when it isn’t their car. He treated my car as if it were his car and worked very hard to make it the best it has ever looked. 

Victoria Bentley


Thank you for the tour of your Reading facility. Not only was I impressed by the technology but the cleanliness behind the scenes too! And my kids loved it!



Thank you for the very kind gesture of a free car wash on Sunday, Veterans Day. I was pleasantly surprised when the young lady asked me if I was a veteran, and then informed me that I was going to receive a free car wash. The business was on over-load getting cars out as fast as they could when I arrived, but I got nothing but smiles and polite answers (the usual) to my casual questions. It is truly a great feeling to go there, get my car cleaned and talk with the same people each time.

Gary M. LaTulippe
President, Schmooze Inc.


I’ve scheduled reconditioning service at Cloister for many years, because I believe thorough cleaning of the exterior, interior and engine compartment will make a vehicle last longer. No doubt, the annual investment has paid off handsomely because my 1988 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight still looks great inside and out even after 575,000 miles-and still going strong as ever!

Dieter Krieg