Express Services

Express services were available if customers wanted more than a wash and interior clean, but didn't have the time or the budget for a complete reconditioning. These were detailing services that were done quickly, usually in 15 minutes or less. Here is a sampling of what Express Services were available.
Shine Services

Exterior Shine:*
Shines and protects exterior plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces.

Interior Shine:**
Shines and protects interior plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces. Seats were not included.

Full Shine:**
A combination of the tire, exterior and interior shine services.

Detail Services

Express Wax:*
The vehicle was waxed with an applicator on flat surfaces and by hand in hard to get areas. Cloister used Mothers®.

Super Clean with Interior Shine:**
The hard-to-reach areas were vacuumed using a crevice tool.
The trunk was thoroughly vacuumed. Windows were cleaned until they sparkle – even the very top edge. All vents, cracks and crevices of the vehicle's interior were thoroughly cleaned and shined. Floormats were shampooed (set of 4).

The Ultimate:
A combination of the Express Wax, Carpet Shampoo & Super Clean with Interior Shine services.

Carpet Shampoo:**
Top-of-the-line professional cleaners were used to shampoo all the floors and floormats leaving your vehicle with a fresh clean smell.

Floormat Shampoo**

Rubber Floormat Cleaning**

Leather Treatment & Conditioning:**
Leather needs to be specially treated with pH balanced products to protect from cracking. Cloister used Mothers®.

Upholstery Shampoo:**
Upholstery is cleaned with top-of-the-line professional cleaners.

Oversized Vehicles

* Required a car wash prior to service.
** Required any outside wash with interior clean prior to service.