Exclusively offered at the Ephrata location

Exterior Reconditioning
Cloister examined paint finishes and recommended the right treatment for your vehicle. The vehicle surface was prepared by washing and dissolving tar residue to smooth out the finish for polishing and waxing. After this either two or three steps were used to bring the vehicle finish to a gleaming shine. Sometimes high speed buffing was required to alleviate scratches in the finish. Less deep surface marks were polished out with a low speed buffer called an orbital polisher. Sometimes a middle step was done to insure that there were no swirls or choppy appearances in the finish. This was exceptionally helpful on dark cars where swirls could be very noticeable. The final step was a long lasting wax that was necessary for the ongoing protection of the vehicle.

Interior Auto Cleaning
Cloister made the car's interior look truly magnificent. Cloister shampooed every piece of fabric in the interior with a pleasant smelling shampoo that left the velour or carpet clean and refreshed. The vinyl was cleaned and then treated with a moderate shining UV protective dressing that restored and enhanced the life of the vinyl or plastic. Leather seats were cleaned and treated. If stains were permanent, Cloister could do minor carpet dyeing.

Engine Cleaning
Cloister cleaned and dressed engine compartments to a showroom look, an excellent service to use when trading in the vehicle because it removed oil stains and under the hood engine dirt.

Paint Overspray Removal
A common problem was paint overspray that got attached to a vehicle. Removing this paint can result in damage to a car's finish if it is not done properly. At Cloister, we used the most advanced and safest techniques in removing this unwanted paint from the vehicle. Cloister had a reputation for being one of the best and safest shops at overspray removal. Insurance firms often referred their clients to us to have this work done.